Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Enjoying the last day of Summer!

These guys were ready to run when we went to the pasture..but it didn't take too long before they were tuckered out and on their way to the water bucket!
We have really enjoyed watching these pups grow.
As of tonite, we have one pup pending a trip to Wyoming with 4 still available:) We have 3 females-2 smooth coats and 1 rough coat and also one male rough coat. Look for updated pics tomorrow:)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awesome Fun!

Whiling Away the Afternoon...

What an incredible day here in southern Michigan..a perfect temperature with both sunshine and a bit of cloud cover..throw in just a few sprinkles and you have perfect Saint Bernard weather! It is the most amusing thing to watch the puppies, who are busy smelling EVERYTHING and chasing every grasshopper that dares to jump, notice it is lightly first it doesn't catch their attention--but before long they are looking around, wondering..and finally thet get it and it becomes an all out wrestling match..THE DIRTIEST PUPPY WINS!!!
These are such happy puppies. When we hear from the families that take home our pupies is always to share how much this creature has enriched their family life..really, it would be nice to say we are responsible for the great dog they have chosen, but in reality we have to give credit to the breed-Saint Bernards are AWESOME family companians!
I do have to say though, I feel it makes a difference that our puppies are handled from birth by our whole family..big hands and little hands..even tiny hands.. and those puppies know they are loved..with out a doubt. When they are lovinly cuddled by a small child, or carried in the crook of an arm of a teenage boy..they feel the love and protectiveness..and in turn, I beleive it inspires them to be the best they can be..they want to please their is in their earliest memory!! They remember the joy on the face of a small child when they first barked..or the time when they finally outran the super fast kindergartener..they live to be your best friend. You can't beat our puppies..when it comes down to the nitty doesn't matter what kind of "linage" a puppy can boast of, but what kind of beginning it has lived.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kessa and Dozer 2011

They're heeeeerrrrreee! That is right, we have five super lovable puppies out of Kess and Dozer. These furballs are a riot to watch run in the pasture..legs flying and tails wagging:) Out of this litter we have 3 femaleas and 2 males available. Thay are all very active, and our ready to meet they're new families. Stay tuned for updates and more pics...have a great weekend!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jane and Falcon

These are the last of the 2010 pups here at Maple Acre. These beauties are out of Dozer and Tana..and just being here with their parents for these additional few weeks have given them something extra. They are confident and ready for being the companion you are looking for:)
We played outside in the fresh snowfall and they loved it!! It really is joyful to watch these furballs relate to each other and the world and people around them.
If you are looking for someone special to add to your family this holiday season look no further. Contact us at :

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All I Want For Christmas..

This is the last of the puppies for 2010 here at Maple Acre Farm! We welcomed in 8 fluffy furballs out of Maple Acre's Dozer and Eatna (Tana to her friends!)

We do have just 5 left available so if you are looking for something really special to put under the tree just send me an email! There are 2 females and 3 males.

Here are a few pics of our last playday in the pasture:)